Technology Delight Form

Over the next 24 hours, note each time that you interact with digital technology. Such interactions might include visiting a website, playing a videogame, using an app on a smartphone, accessing an audio story, turning on a device such as a remote, etc. Record the information indicated below for each interaction. Make a point to interact with devices that you particularly enjoy. Pay close attention to each interaction. Look for a particular moment during the interaction in which you experience delight or satisfaction from a specific feature. For example, perhaps you enjoy the feeling of your smartphone vibrating each time you receive a text. Perhaps, you are keep playing a game like Candy Crush because you look forward to the constant reshuffle of candy, When you notice a moment of delight, fill out the Delight Questionnaire to delve deeper into the experience. You may fill out more than one Delight Questionnaire if you wish (these questions appear at the bottom of the form). Paying attention to the details of your user experience and then sharing that knowledge with others is an important part of the User-Centered Design Process. Please keep in mind that there is no wrong answer to these questions. Honest feedback will help the design team improve the user experience of other interfaces. Tech log questions are at beginning of the form. Delight Questionnaire questions follow.